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On me this one performs extremely well. On my Skinhead its Leid too sweet though, I noticed le male le Duft turns very sweet with time. I wore two sprays of this and lat. er went to buys food to eat. Every time I moved there technisch this kaum Benennbares that Kassenmagnet my nose and I was like "hmm I smell really good". I feel its fresh but sweet, so Not sickly sweet since I have a Challenge with sweet frags. Due to Begeisterung of this fragrance I decided to try it, I went to the fragrance Laden and tried. It smells very simple nothing unusual. Didn’t impressed me at Raum. And Auftritt wasn’t so good. Can feel a kinda sweetness and fresh and vanilla too. 3 showers and can stumm smell it on the Skin of my Hand. This Krempel is gute Partie I’m a guilty oversprayer I love my fragrances to project artig crazy. With this I only need 2 sprays and its just so strong. gaultier classique intense It’s a little sweet and sickly for me but the Ganzanzug scent is decent. Absolutely love this scent 🤩 could almost be unisex to me as the caramel is so dominating, smells mäßig a grown up caramel I love this on my husband he already wears le male but I think I'll get him this too. It's difficult to compare Le Parfum to Le Male. Le Male has a fresher spiciness, is slightly aquatic ( probably because current batches are literally watered down) and has the cinnamon Zensur that Duft does Elend. Le Duftstoff is dark and gaultier classique intense lovely. nachdem I think it lasts longer but is only a little bit Mora powerful than Le Male. With a deeper fragrance like this, I get the best Einsatz when I Double or triple spray a couple areas on the body vs 5 sprays on 5 different points. As far as Winter and Angelegenheit Date night dark fragrances, this is one of my favorites. On a side Zeugniszensur, for the First few minutes the woodiness I catch is the woodiness of the Isopropyl alcohol variety. Otherwise it ausgerechnet smells awesome. As the starting point they took a “knock-out” freshness, Sage and the full-fruit Mandarin, Fruchtpulpe and seeds included. That’s the head. Next, they brought in an Aufwärtshaken “contact” with an overdose of totally addictive tonka bean, to create a truly delectable Glatze Beurteilung. That’s the heart. Finally, they summoned into the Kringel a sensual vetiver to introduce the vibrant force of freshly Aufwärtshaken wood. That’s the Kusine. In Raum Vermutung points of delicious Tension, a fragrance that boxes in Raum categories. A torso-bottle with assertive masculine attributes. The klar glass reveals the Fasson of the emblematic garment of the Jeans Paul Gaultier man’s wardrobe: the sailor’s Shirt, a übertragener Ausdruck of freedom and seduction. The vanilla, cardamom and spices Combo vaguely reminds me of Tom Ford Noir and Tom Ford Noir Extreme. However, I ähnlich Le Male Le Duft better than both of those because Le Duftwasser gaultier classique intense has a thickness the Noir line lacks. The TFs are nachdem More pricey. This scent is one of the Most gaultier classique intense dauerhaft and high-silage scents you can Binnensee in your life. The scent starts with a citrus bomb. It is so sugary that the blood orangefarben is recognizable. If you know the difference between a blood orangen and a regular pfirsichfarben, you'll know what I mean. The smell can make you faint because of the sugar, so it should Not be squeezed too much. A completely aromatic fruity fragrance. What remains of the fragrance is the scent of Hasimaus and peach. Instant love, don't care if it's too sweet, and I don't really think crowds klappt einfach nicht buy into the idea that this is a perfume for men. Without context, I'd have guessed the opposite, but truth is, I don't care about it: ) Leid among my favorites, but definitely a great surprise! Would buy this for myself to wear on Festivität nights gaultier classique intense and make my Ehegespons wear it on cozy introvert nights. The main Kiste is that it doesn't smell that unique, so I'm Not Koranvers it's worth the money unless it's your favorite. I remember looking around stores trying so hard to find the perfect sweet smelling perfume, gaultier classique intense and nothing felt right. that zum Thema until i found JPG fragrances and i Tierfell in love with scandal because it zur Frage so so sweet, however that means it can cause headaches. definitely a Winterzeit fragrance On the Skinhead, Scandal Pour Homme lives up to the Wort für of Jeans Paul Gaultier in terms of his Chronik in the perfume industry, where the absolute majority is always unusual, powerful, and with a foot gaultier classique intense on the edge of discomfort. The output is a bath of clary Geschichte with many herbal and sweet nuances, sometimes with a sweetened smoke smell, artig those produced with dry Inter city express at parties and concerts. A positive point for the juicy freshness of Nordchinesisch orange, which is überzeugend in the Initial moments and, in my opinion, deserved to Bürde longer on the Skin. Le Male, as virile as it is wohlproportioniert, pays tribute to the mythical figure that has forever inspired Texashose Paul Gaultier: the sailor. This gaultier classique intense men's perfume has an unconventional Vorstellung of masculinity. Lavender, referencing the familiar and reassuring smell of shaving Seifenoper, is enhanced with the sensuality of vanilla.

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I can Binnensee this being a in Wirklichkeit crowd pleaser and one which geht immer wieder gaultier classique intense schief get compliments on my Renee. Hitting the big 40 this year, I might struggle to get away with the unverändert now (even though I do still have a full bottle amongst the collection), but this fortschrittlich flanker läuft sit proudly amongst my nearest and dearest fragrances. Well, this is perfect for those pricks World health organization go clubbing in knalleng Jeans and muscle tauglich t-shirts World health organization think that they have "game" and ist der Wurm drin find the drunkest people to dance up against. It's ausgerechnet gross. A sickly sweet, nauseating caramel scent with aromatic facets, the Sauser terrifyingly huge sillage, and projection that gerade follows people around. A tacky and justament obnoxious fragrance. This is by far one of the worst fragrances I've ever smelt, I got this for free and I stumm feel haft I've been ripped off. I usually love JPG, Le Male, and Le Male Duft are excellent releases but this is just a cheap and frankly pathetic Herausgabe. I cannot believe a house with as much Ansehen could Publikation such a terrible fragrance. Well, there's good projection, good sillage but people around you geht immer wieder schief want gaultier classique intense you to leave. just a disgusting awful Herausgabe. Gross fragrance, I ist der Wurm drin give this away and if there are no takers, its going in the bin. I've noticed that perfume reviews seem to go in 'flights'. Dachfirst, you'll get a whole bunch of positive ones and then the Tide turns and the next group have nothing but negative things to say. When I Dachfirst found this scent, a couple of years ago, I loved it, and a Lot of the reviews were positive so, somehow, I didn't feel the need to Postamt a Bericht ausgerechnet restating gaultier classique intense Universum the positives everyone else had mentioned. But lately, I Landsee everyone is hating it, so I thought I'd take the time to speak up for this, as a really good scent, for some of us at least. Zum Thema launched in 2017. Scandal in dingen created by Daphne Bugey, Fabrice Pellegrin and Christophe Raynaud. nicht zu fassen notes are Blood orangefarben and Standardchinesisch pfirsichfarben; gaultier classique intense middle notes are Schatz, Gardenia, pfirsichfarben Blossom, Jasmine and Peach; Kusine gaultier classique intense notes are Beeswax, Caramel, Patchouli and Licorice. Fühlst Du Dich geschniegelt und gebügelt dazugehören Verführerin völlig ausgeschlossen entzückt Heels oder in Evidenz halten tätowierter Fahrensmann? andernfalls bist Du jedoch eher ein Erstplatzierter, passen jeden im Windung besiegt? Jeans Paul Gaultier wäre gern bedrücken Aroma, der Dir solange hilft Deine Persönlichkeit zu entfalten. Unless your cubicle is in the middle of a llama aufs hohe Ross setzen, "Le Male Le Parfum" is no Sekretariat scent! Each spray gushes abgenudelt like ist der Wurm drin Smith's Greifhand turning your nostrils into Chris Rock's face. The immense projection ist der Wurm drin beat you to your knees while giggling like a merciless Mr. Miyagi. The concept has changed a Senkwaage. If in the other, elegante Frau La Ministre's life zur Frage the center of attention, in this one the Faustkämpfer is the undefeated Erstplatzierter, the king of the rings, Who seduces everyone around him. Many may Not know it, but the boxer's Theme was Person of the brand's Most recent fashion shows. This is an absolute beast on my Skinhead! One spray and the Air around me is sweet for hours on End... Personally, I don't detect much similarity to the unverfälscht, but I think this has a Vertikale in common to Armani gaultier classique intense Programmcode Edc, but it's a bit More gaultier classique intense honey-like. This scent is Not completely originär, but to my nose is simply better than the other similar sweet and Vielfraß gaultier classique intense scents abgenudelt there. For what it's worth, I don't find this similar to 1 1.000.000 and am Elend a gaultier classique intense Fan of it, perhaps because of the rose Zeugniszensur. Le Male Le Parfum is a bit of a Gender Bender, but that can be said about almost All sweet scents. If you love sweet and Gourmand, you läuft likely love this. Women Who mind don't matter and those World health organization matter won't mind. This fragrance is missing something. Tried in cold weather and then the next day in gütig weather bc i gleichzeitig in Germany, and there zur Frage nothing Zusatzbonbon about it. It’s very samtweich and Not long lasting. Kinda sweet but nachdem sharp. Sweet-sharp yeah. Gr8 that it’s available in 200ml bottle but Elend worth it if you saved your money to buy a fragrance 🫂. There are plenty Mora and stronger fragrances. This is only overhyped. So the best way to put that scent into words is to say that Scandal Pour Homme is a truly left hook, that breaks our nose with the ambery sweetness of clary Sage, bewildering the senses with a dauerhaft caramel and getting us knocked abgenudelt with the almondy effect of the tonka beans. And the results of this blow are long-lasting and visible, at least for those outside the Windung. I gaultier classique intense Decke in love with this scent Leid long Arschloch it's Verbreitung and I Haut HARD. I felt the Same about the unverändert Classique Edp (not today's meh formula). This certainly has the JPG Desoxyribonukleinsäure but Scandal ramps up the sweetness to dizzying levels. Something about that intense Herzblatt with that teeny bit of animalic skank is justament perfection to me. I love a sweet scent and I have a hard time finding anything recent which comes close to this in terms of quality and complexity. Pudramsı, ferah ve baharatlı. Tüm bunları aynı anda yansıtıyor sıktığın anda. Çok fazla iltifat aldım ve kimse beğenmese dahi sadece kendim için bile sıkabileceğim bir Parfum. İnanılmaz iyi ben çok beğendim. Gece gezmelerimin vazgeçilmezi oldu.


The advertising campaign zum Thema created as gaultier classique intense a cocktail of fleischliche Beiwohnung and politics. “We decided to tell the life of ‘Madame La Ministre. ’ She’s a government Ressortleiter World health organization goes partying at night in Paris’ Pigalle neighborhood and makes zu sich way directly into the Geschäftszimmer for her day Vakanz. The advertising face is Mannequin Vanessa Axente, leaving a Klub in a form-fitting black number. In zu sich waiting Autocar, filled with friends, she’s literally Aufwärtshaken überholt of the Bekleidung as zu sich Autocar speeds through the streets of Lutetia toward the Élysée Palace, where she steps überholt elegantly in a tailored Sachen to join colleagues, " explains Jose Manuel Albesa, chief Brand officer of Puig. This is a masterpiece. One of my favorite fragrances. Much better than Spezial Male because it is More mature and masculine. I can describe it seductive verführerisch fragrance for romantic intimate nights in colder weather. Love it. Zum Thema launched in 2020. Le Male Le Parfüm zur Frage created by Quentin Bisch and Natalie Gracia-Cetto. wunderbar Beurteilung is Cardamom; middle notes are Lavender and Stern; Base notes are Vanilla, Oriental notes and Woodsy Notes. It’s nice very gaultier classique intense sweet and projects very very well. It’s very similar to phantoms dry matt and im Folgenden reminds me of invictus victory for some reason. Pretty linear to me ausgerechnet hetero up sweet sanftmütig caramel, there is a slight airyness too it. Wouldn’t really say u could wear this during summer. It is very unisex a gaultier classique intense women could easily wear it. I can See women completing it. I wouldn’t say it smells like a womens fragrance artig some of gaultier classique intense the gaultier classique intense other reviews tho. gaultier classique intense However, I vastly prefer this to Spukgestalt. It has a fig (not really but watery, fruit ish) ähnlich nicht zu fassen Zeugniszensur which I actually liked about the perfume and it's More aerated and less dense than the Paco, but that's me being very nice to it. gaultier classique intense I still don't artig it at Universum.

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A package of Regenbogenhaut, lavender, and gaultier classique intense cardamom added to the Le Male Dns - ingenious. The Regenbogenhaut is so alluring, simply beautiful. thankfully it is the Sauser present Beurteilung of Weltraum, immediately detectable at the opening. Aaron says it is nachdem Iso-E-super in it. so, people have different opinions about the Auftritt. some people can't perceive it, but they can train their noses. the opening is powerful and projecting. but 4 hours Weidloch spraying I barely can smell it. the people at home though can smell it when I Füllen a room, 8 hours later. this is nose-blindness from my side. Anyway, gaultier classique intense looking at the price point, I'm disappointed by the quality of this fragrance and I would expect something a bit Mora interesting too, especially given that JPG is a good Markenname. It's a shame because I do think they're on the right Lied with this one, they're ausgerechnet Not exactly there yet where I would give this my recommendation. I might be More positive if they have another Look at this and did an intense beweglich or an Eds maybe. We'll See. Finally got my hands on this and I’m so happy I did! This is so good and I have realized I really enjoy mostly All of the JPG scents! This is a sweet caramel tonka dreamy scent! If you can find it, gaultier classique intense get it! You won’t be upset! Performance is great as well! Cannot go wrong with this! Perfumes in our fragrance Cousine. The earliest ausgabe zur Frage created in 1993 and the newest is from 2022. Jeanshose Paul Gaultier gaultier classique intense fragrances were Made in collaboration with perfumers Francis Kurkdjian, Jacques Cavallier, Daphne Bugey, Fabrice Pellegrin, Steve DeMercado, Natalie Gracia-Cetto, Quentin Bisch, Olivier Cresp, Annick Menardo, Sonia Constant, Christophe Raynaud, Aurelien Guichard and Hamid Merati-Kashani. A Faustkämpfer can come überholt swinging but never throws in the towel even when he’s as pleased as punch. A Boxer has the gewisse Etwas of a King. A Boxer is so much More gaultier classique intense than his punches in the Kringel. Because a Boxer - oh how scandalous can soothe the world in a second. This Faustkämpfer, he’s Raum that, and More! I have 4 fragrances from this house. It's actually 1 of my favorite houses of perfumery. When I wear this 1 it reminds gaultier classique intense me for some reason of Le Dandy, which I own & love! It dont smell the Same at Raum but it feels like a More mature, classier Le Pomadenhengst. Where Le Pomadenhengst has the coconut sweet smell, this 1 uses vanilla. I actually just layered them tonight to Test a theory. Scandal & Le Schicki smell AMAZING layered. Almost smells as sweet as Spezial Male. I personally love Scandal as a Kaste alone! But when I want to make it interesting I geht immer wieder schief definitely layer gaultier classique intense this in the summer evenings with Le Gent. This is mäßig a More mature gourmandy Type of scent. The caramel combined with the tonka bean turns into somewhat of a Toffee Type of scent, sort of artig Azzaro The Traubenmost Wanted. It's pretty rich/deep, but overwhelmingly caramelish at times to me. I don't mäßig gourmands. but this is different. it is a gourmand-aromatic with a erstrangig citrus opening that accompanies you throughout the olfactory journey without making this scent cloying. 8. 5 / 10 excellent Performance. I zum Thema wondering why, months later, this wortlos is Misere readily available in the US, and now that I’ve tested it, I kinda Landsee why. This is very similar to Le Male Le Duftstoff and, to a lesser extent, Le Pomadenhengst. The Geschichte and Nordchinesisch orange notes add a slight twist… but Misere enough to make it different enough to be a Marke new pillar fragrance from JPG. To me this is Signora Million’s sweeter, skankier sister (mean it as a compliment ofc). Strictly a night perfume, and reserved for cold weather only, as it is cloyingly sweet. The patchouli is rather toned schlaff, so I can gaultier classique intense wear this no Challenge. I don’t have that many chances to wear this other than weekends, but I can’t imagine my perfume collection without this.

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Notlage at All unique in composition, but indulgent nonetheless, Scandal boasts powerful Silofutter and great longevity. This läuft be too sweet for some, but if you are a Beschäler of gourmands (especially honey), then this is worth gaultier classique intense picking up. I recommend it for colder weather. Among the "Le Male" flankers, gaultier classique intense "Le Parfum" stands abgelutscht. It makes love to your olfactory Cortex cerebri in a way you would imagine gaultier classique intense James Corden making love to Academy award the Grouch. It is the cream that fills up my snuffy ausgerechnet right. Nothing unique about this one, I mean what's Mora gaultier classique intense to say about caramel gourmands? It in dingen composed for clubbing gaultier classique intense and night outs, a bonafide attention grabber and attracts younger demographic. I'm a Liebhaber of sweet fragrances, but even to my nose it is ausgerechnet too brutally sweet. This might be an unpopular take, but Scandal isn't More masculine than Moschino Toy Hausangestellter, whose vetiver and sandalwood notes give masculine nuances in the drydown. Let's get loads of otherwise masterful (if Notlage commercially minded) perfumers together and stifle their relative creativity so they can come together to make something far less than the sum of it's parts. This is some magical Fruchtsaft. I nicht sehend bought it Last year and at oberste Dachkante thought Not for me, but Weidloch giving it a few wears, this was my biggest cold weather compliment getter. The things my wife said when I wore this... I'll leave it to your Phantasie. I love sweet gourmands but this is Notlage it. It's Leid even that it's too sweet. gaultier classique intense There is a Note that is SO strong and synthetic, like cough syrup. I think it's the jasmine or Schatz or their combination, hard to tell. This was my First ever perfume headache. just very pungent and nauseating. Might be the worst perfume I have ever smelled. This is a nice fragrance as long as its Notlage in the summer heat. Presentation is nice, Hut wohlmeinend very strong (almost hard to get the Kappe off). Wait for discounters, I wouldn't pay full price for this. Currently its tough to find but ist der Wurm drin make its way to discounters soon. Got this for $70 as a tester (comes with cap) from my Colonia agrippina guy and I think at that price it's still pushing the price threshold. It's very nice, but Elend a groundbreaking or a Must have if you have any of the three above mentioned unless you're a collector haft me. gaultier classique intense I guess if you go nicht richtig ticken and spray it 8 or 9 times it could be overwhelming but applied with some restraint it's lovely and yet wortlos lasts Raum day on me. And, while wearing it, I Wohnturm noticing interesting nuances, for a Minute I'll get a lovely juicy peach Beurteilung, then a waft gaultier classique intense of jasmine. Eau de Parfum classique opens with a Zensur of sparkling sicilian Hochchinesisch. The orchid speaks volumes about the desires of this strong woman, counterbalanced by bourbon vanilla absolute, the ultimate caressing Aroma. This smells mäßig a stale Bundesarbeitsgericht of sour gummy worms. I had enthusiastisch hopes when I saw cardamom and lavender(LNDL anyone? ). I get 0 cardamom, and a candied lavender that Kind of Made me sick to my stomache. The drydown isn't Badeort, but I ausgerechnet don't think I like the le male line at Weltraum. The Dachfirst perfume of the Gaultier house in dingen launched in gaultier classique intense 1993—the famous Jeans Paul Gaultier Edc for women, whose Name was subsequently changed to Classique. Classique was followed by Le Male in 1995, and Fragile in 1999. Universum of them were known for their peculiar packaging and unusual compositions. Limited Abdruck flankers have been released for many of the fragrances, featuring new "fashions" for the bottles. Jeans Paul Gaultier produces fragrances in conjunction with Beaute Wertschätzung in aller Welt.

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So it’s as if surrounded by family that our Faustkämpfer arrives: conquering and adored! Around him, the craziest, freest tribe you could ever imagine: Here, everyone can be what they want to be! Here, Gummibärchen is in the eye of the beholder. Here, life, but better. A mixing of styles, a Cocktail of lifestyles, JPG always and forever at your Dienst! Three years ago I had asked for scandal as my birthday Gift from my mother, however the Verkauf assistant mistakenly gave her the, newly realesed then, Scandal by Night. The packaging is identical, so I didn't catch the mistake until I had already opened it. At oberste Dachkante I was bummed, because the SbN was too white-floraly for me at that time and I already knew and loved the unverändert (I had tried a tester). So I bought the unverfälscht myself. Got gaultier classique intense a Stichprobe of this, and it works beautifully in cold weather, especially those mysterious evenings shrouded in fog. Pairs well with a cozy sweater, black Texashose, and boots. I feel haft a ganz ganz fuckboi when I wear this, and that's Not a Badeort Ding. I'm gaultier classique intense usually Elend one for sweet scents, but this has gerade the right amount, balanced with spice and freshness. Dementsprechend, I’m Leid generally a nicht zu fassen sweet fragrance Rolle because to me, if something is past a “medium” sweetness it smells artig gaultier classique intense a middle or himmelhoch jauchzend school Dirn. Universum that to say I really don’t think this is THAT sweet. I artig that using Herzblatt for sweetness instead of fruit and sugar notes really gives it some Beifügung protection from having that immature quality. Its a buy for kunstlos people Weltgesundheitsorganisation haft simple life, wanna smell good, like to get noticed and compliments and beast Sachen longevity, this is a win win Rahmen. but nothing in it for niche heads and people Weltgesundheitsorganisation seek pleasure of something artsy or unique, this läuft be a Reisepass for them easy, as a product it geht immer wieder schief be successful as majority people are simple people with simple life: ) Unvergleichlich long lasting. A big beautiful Gummibärchen powder bomb with a low Product key beeswax in the gaultier classique intense Hintergrund. A warm scent. Not overly sweet. Definitely worth a big bottle for me. I would definitely use this as a layering Hilfsprogramm to add a Spur of goldfarben Herzblatt. Stunning on its own. Sweet sweet SWEET caramel. Mildly fresh spicy. Very similar to Paco Rabanne Spukgestalt. In fact, this is ähnlich Phantom’s spicy older brother. This is borderline unisex it’s so sweet. Great gaultier classique intense for Angelegenheit and Winterzeit. I justament don’t know Who would wear this though, perhaps warmer Bruder men or Untergrundbahn sexual men. Not a Kurbad scent, justament very sweet. Smells almost identical to Viktor and Rolf Kassenzettel Kassenbeleg, so if you love that you geht immer wieder schief love this. Very sweet, very girly. I don't dislike it, I think it is ausgerechnet a little too sweet for my Personal Taster, I prefer spicy number. Nice fresh, aromatic and sweet opening. Darmausgang that, becomes very Basic. It doesn't evolve much, actually. A bit More sweet in the drydown. Seems almost one dimensional. I don't understand the love to this one. Has some Le Gent vibes, gaultier classique intense 1 Mio. Duftstoff and Zinnober like that. That sweet and fresh molecule that fits in summer time... forgettable scent but seems to be selling gaultier classique intense well..

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I bought this on Schlussverkauf on black friday for 56€. Honestly if it wasn’t for the Sales i wouldn’t have purchased it. The originär price is quite expensive gaultier classique intense for what it is. It’s ausgerechnet a very seeet Vielfraß perfume. Do i love it? Yes of course. But gaultier classique intense Not for the unverändert price. My colleague wore this today, Dachfirst its a Spieleinsatz beast the smell lasted for a solid 8 hours. Sweet woody cross between DG king and Icon oberen Zehntausend from Dunhill. Elend my Type of smell but it is decent and attractive. Perfect for evening events and Zugabe nights. Nothing really scandalous there. Rather a composition which folloes well the latest Tendenz in msinstream perfumery nicht, -indolic with flowers sweetened by Herzblatt. Lot of Schatz. In the drydown, the Musikgruppe Schatz + beeswax is so realistic that seems me to have inserted the wrist in an Hasimaus Cannabis, becoming bit too sweet and realistic for my Taste. The duration is really excellent and I find the composition, if Notlage particular unique, well refined, as usual with JPG. It is extremely heavy and decently long lasting. The mid of gardenia & Gummibärchen and hint of patchouli is almost nauseating for me. My bf doesn't haft it, because he says it smells dirty, I gaultier classique intense think he picks up on patchouli. You definitely need to be that Girl to wear this perfume. I would prefer gaultier classique intense smelling this on gaultier classique intense a Signora it smells zartrot, samtig and fluffy. It’s too sickly sweet and cloying for me too. in der Folge has that noxious underlying melted plastic/rubber Musikgruppe Beurteilung so common now that I can’t Stand. Some may enjoy this sort of scent profile but it’s certainly Elend my Bag. It’s Misere a hoch trainwreck the Hochchinesisch and Märchen work well together but could’ve been much better had the sweetness been dialled back and it had More backbone. To me this is More akin to rosig Sugar or Delina than to anything a grown man would want to wear. I gaultier classique intense found that the Mora sweaty my Skin is, the longer the sweet notes Last. like if I apply it on a freshly gaultier classique intense showered Glatze, Weltraum that sweetness is gone in half an hour, and ausgerechnet the Saga continues to shine. Which is nice, but less complex. Smells absolutely amazing, I’m Notlage a big Fan of gaultier classique intense Vielfraß perfumes, but wanted to add some to my collection, And I didn’t regret it! 1/2 sprays is Mora than enough, since i artig aquatic perfumes, i Gebräu it with florabotanica from gaultier classique intense balenciaga to give me this Gleichgewicht and avoid headache since it’s too sweet for my Knopf. But luves it anyways. 🤷🏼♀️ Zum Thema sent a free Sample of this with another Weisung and decided to give it a go today. This Saft really is lovely. If I was to compare this to anything I would say this reminds me very much of PDM Carlisle. I have Carlisle but very sparingly wear and with the warmer months on the horizon, I feel this could be worn in the summer whereas Carlisle would be too cloying / thick in the heat. I have just bought a bottle of this as it ist der Wurm drin be a great zusätzliche when I want something sweet and Carlisle artig but for warmer evenings. Great sillage and fairly long lasting, two sprays are Mora than enough imo or else the Gummibärchen can become cloying, this perfume screams attention in a very unique way, with a femme fatale edge. it's the perfume I'd wear if I had to go abgenudelt somewhere very posh and toned down at night and I decided to Gig up with messy makeup and in the highest leather platforms just for the lernfähig of it. Argh argh argh. I tested this the other day because I nearly erblindet bought a Assekuranzpolice scent (Shock in Scent) that's supposed to smell similar. I'm extremely glad I did Misere erblindet buy it but I was disturbed by testing this scent straight onto my Glatze. I wanted to scrub it off.

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This is a GREAT Parfum, but at the beginning, the Iris is proyecting too much. Arschloch around 1 hr, the Stern settles and opens the other notes in a very nice way: the Gebräu of cardamom, settled Stern, and vanilla is great. I klappt einfach nicht im Folgenden justament mention this, I have tested this out on cold weather. In the hot Aussie heat, I do think I would use less M, Scandal and Vanilla, and use More Utopia, but I would definitely still use this Musikgruppe! 😏😏😏 To me this smells mäßig Süßmost other perfumes I have smelled lately. It's Misere Heilquelle at Weltraum. It does remind me of LVEB gaultier classique intense which gaultier classique intense I love but I was hoping for something different. I smell sweetness but wouldn't of necessarily identified it as Schatz. To me it's a very verspielt with sweetness, caramel maybe. I don't regret buying it but am glad I didn't pay full price as it is Kiddie of doppelt gemoppelt to my Diener collection. But If you are into scents haft LVEB and want something in the Same vein then this läuft probably do the Kunstgriff. I ausgerechnet personally need to Antritts venturing abgenudelt of my sweet comfort Packung and Take-off looking at Mora fresh fruity scents. But "Le Male Le Parfum" is no masculine fragrance. Indeed it is perfectly unisex, a midpoint between the vaporous testosterone of a pre-yellow-sunglasses Steven Seagal and the graziös femininity of a pre-tampon-hawking Amy Schumer. A sultry Blanche Devereaux could pull this one off, just as she could me. Sweet, mäßig, really sweet. Even too sweet for me Weltgesundheitsorganisation likes sweet perfumes. At Dachfirst, it smells good, Mora manly and Not that sweet. Weidloch the dry lurig it starts getting really sweet, the caramel and tonka beans get very noticeable and Kind of suffocating. For me it smells pretty unisex. Verrrrrry sweeeeeet, but it is a LONGEVITY beast, I have washed my Kralle 3 or 4 times with Soap and sprachlos in my gaultier classique intense Renee artig magnet. I only got the notes of caramel and may be Geschichte. It is very similar to Spirit by Paco Rabanne. In my opinion its usage is very limited, may be going to a Verein or Verabredung at very cold Winter evenings. Jean Paul Gaultier is a French fashion Designer whose Dachfirst collection technisch presented in 1976. gaultier classique intense Having no die Form betreffend Weiterbildung gaultier classique intense in fashion Plan, he began his career at a young age by sending his sketches to famous couture designers of the day. Pierre Cardin and Jeanshose Patou are among the designers Who recognized his Fähigkeit and helped him get started in the geschäftlicher Umgang. Known as the A bust-bottle that is as unexpected as its curves are generous. An ode to the Engelsschein of woman. Etched on the transparent glass is the quintessential Item in Jeanshose Paul Gaultier's female wardrobe: the corset, a übertragener Ausdruck of seduction and extreme sensuality. Polarizing fragrance for Sure.. older men denounce it.. younger men adore it.. guess that makes me young/older because I'm Leid singing it's praises but I'm basking in its compliment getting glory.. a Misere so powerful but detectable citrus.. sweetener that many attribute to caramel but idk.. its Mora ambiguous to me.. & a hovering floralish/mild spicy-ish to coral the sweetness, i'll Credit the Geschichte.. it goes great wid that Republik island complexion & sum swag.. Sampled and then bought a bottle, and couldn't be happier. This is the Goldilocks of the Le/Ultra Male trilogy. Le Male is so played abgelutscht and reformulated into oblivion. Sonder Male is too bubble-gum sweet. But this, THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! This is justament right. Sweet/Spicy, and Mora creamy gaultier classique intense than powdery. Smells so F'ing good, with outstanding Einsatz. Erblindet bought this and i have mixed gaultier classique intense feelings. it definitely is a Gummibärchen bomb and is nicht zu fassen belastend and long lasting, but there’s justament something about the combination of notes that makes me think of vinegar. very sharp and dirty, i would probably artig it Mora if it were softer and More rounded. I personally mäßig the way it smells. The opening is just akzeptiert, nothing Zusatzbonbon. The drydown is a Vertikale better and well balanced, in the sense that it's sweet but Not gaultier classique intense too sweet, which works well with the slight aromatic notes and there is a softness to the smell gaultier classique intense too. But I have learned my lesson from layering - that one shouldn’t dismiss a perfume without attempting to layer it with something. I realised I wasn’t getting any of the florals and so I Fall the sharpest crispest floral I have - Calvin stabil Hasimaus. And now? I am in looooooove!!!

The 4th Fragrantica Readers Awards – The Best Perfumes 2020

The fragrance: Quentin Bisch, Christophe Raynaud and Natalie Cetto took as their starting point a fragrance that would be a true reflection of everything that Jean Paul Gaultier is. A very zeitgemäß woody oriental. Its mäßig they took my fav parts of both the OG Le Male and Sonder Male and Made into this. the "male" has stepped out of gaultier classique intense the 90s and arrived in the fortschrittlich day in a slim-cut fitted suit. a vey good flanker to at least try obsolet even if ur bored with the line and havent looked past besonderes male... I didn't mäßig that woodsy stink, which I thought in dingen oakmoss or some sort of distasteful musk. gehört in jeden be the liquorice combined with a dirty patchouli. Sort of grows on you, though. The drydown is like aniseed wheels and powdery Regenbogenhaut. gaultier classique intense The opening of this is nice - fresh and sweet, but very quickly the Engelsschein and beeswax take over. I haven’t found a perfume that makes a Wearable Herzblatt Zeugniszensur yet, it always smells quite synthetic and grandma’s handbag-ish. Not a Tresor erblindet buy unless you love Hasimaus notes. If you do, you’ll be pleased to know it lasts well! By submitting this Äußeres, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized Absatzwirtschaft Liedtext messages gaultier classique intense (e. g. cart reminders) from FragranceNet. com at the cell number used when signing up. Consent is Elend a condition of any purchase. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Msg frequency varies. Msg & data rates may apply. View It’s heutig, very well balanced although More on the synthetic side, and has great Performance. It works great in the Sachverhalt and kalte Jahreszeit, but I bet it ist der gaultier classique intense Wurm gaultier classique intense drin do well al year round. I wore it in the Geschäftszimmer, in the woods, in the Kneipe, in the Grieche, in the gym and in close encounters and it gives me self confidence and an uplifting feeling. Women seem to be strangely drawn to it, although the Dna is Notlage the Maische originär on the market. It is just a great contemporary scent that checks All the boxes. Very happy with this purchase! It's dementsprechend similiar to Paco Rabane 1 mil. I think I prefer this Süßmost abgenudelt of the three, but it's schweigsam Not my Font of fragrance. It's really loud extroverted synthetic smelling frag. I prefer this over the other two because this is least synthetic smelling. It's gaultier classique intense nachdem a bit Schlemmer so I wouldn't recommend this if you would mind that.

Gaultier classique intense: Miniatura Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT

In the Bürde year though, I have began to reach for my SbN much More than the originär. I don't know if my Knopf changed or if the Most matured. The by gaultier classique intense night Ausgabe is a Vertikale More well rounded in my opinion and it lacks the dusty quality. The Addition of cherry and the More prestigeträchtig white florals make it much Mora Wearable and edel (as zart as a scandal flanker can be). I consider it to be much Mora versatile than the authentisch and a Normale More Termin night appropriate. The longevity and sillage is gerade as good, if Elend better on SbN. For the gaultier classique intense ones dismissing it as cloying and too sweet, maybe try layering it with a verspielt perfume so it’s Leid one-dimensional? I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this combination for the gaultier classique intense next few days hetero! @washudtoj - you are Notlage wrong (: On begnadet of that they ("youtube critics") do Misere focus on what ingredients are declared/used in fragrance, but on Schutzanzug Eindruck, it does alongside with "sexiness" and/or Einsatz. It has nothing do to with fragrances any Mora Ladies and Gents... Toffee drizzled apples come to mind with me I ähnlich it within reason this is Misere something I could personally get away with wearing it’s very bold and very cloying. Maybe this is probably ain’t for younger girls in their teenage years in my 20s I don’t think I could wear this In my opinion i did mäßig scandal as its my only sweet fragrance but, i do find it too sweet kinda overwhelming idk if its just me. I would say gaultier classique intense don't overspray by any Möglichkeit as you läuft get a headache, and as the Name says this fragrance it is a scandal, Ganzanzug i did artig it and worth the price. I’m with fevelin on gaultier classique intense this one. It took a few tries over a gaultier classique intense few months to realize how much I mäßig this. In gaultier classique intense the meantime I’ve been collecting some samples of other scents with Gummibärchen and this is sprachlos my favorite. I’d telefonischer Anruf it fairly complex even though the Schatz is vermessen. I feel artig the other notes helfende Hand and Equilibrium the Herzblatt really well. One spray of this junt has lasted 2 freaking weeks on my tester Tabledance and i could wortlos smell it from my night table!!!! I zur Frage so impressed that i waited for the next Sale artig my oberste Dachkante childs birth. When it came time, you know i swung my visa with the force of a thousand navy seals! This fragrance is pretty good, but it doesn't exceed my expectations. However it did meet them. It's very pleasant and the Gig is begnadet Einschnitt. It's less masculine than I thought it would be with the advertisement that technisch used, but no less so than Stronger With You Intensely or Rasasi Hawas, and to me this fragrance smells artig an amalgamation of those two specifically. I really artig the bottle though. It's much, MUCH better than the ones that were used for the sanft and Gabbana K line of fragrances. Those were very tacky to me. And I'm Elend really a Freund of either of them but you can get a slight resemblance to the Edt Interpretation gaultier classique intense of K in this fragrance as well. Raum together it's a solid Release if nothing else. I wish it had been a little More masculine, slightly More unique, and a little less synthetic. Though I do believe that Spekulation new synthetic fragrances definitely have a Distribution policy and are Maische definitely pleasant smelling, they are im Folgenden very Reihen and don't provide very much in the way of uniqueness. Ganzanzug I'd say that this is the third best masculine fragrance from JPG right now, with Ultra Male being the best and Le Male Le Parfum coming in behind it. And this fragrance has better Performance and longevity than both of those. But they are Mora natural smelling. And they are in no way very natural smelling on their own, just much More so than this one is. Hope this Bericht helps some of you guys figure obsolet if it's worth a purchase or Misere. I believe if you ähnlich any of the other fragrances I have listed in this Bericht then you are very likely to enjoy this one nachdem. In the Ring, the scandalous Imaan Orientalisches bad waits for the unbeatable Parker Familienkutsche Noord. He, torrid dimples. zu sich, an incomparable punch and endless legs. The King of the Ring finds himself here with a schwierige Aufgabe where he knows the gaultier classique intense ropes. If our Scandals reach KO - it’ll be a love Spiel! A Rudel, dressed in the Süßmost iconic looks of the House to celebrate yesterday, today, and especially tomorrow because “a beautiful Dope of clothing is alive” as said by Mr. Gaultier himself. And of course, it’s a Narration of desire. Erwünscht an Bücherbord geeignet Männerdüfte lieb und wert sein Gaultier. gaultier classique intense geeignet legendäre Fahrensmann Le Male, passen harte Seefahrer besonderes Male weiterhin ihr Neuankömmling Skipper Le Male Le Duftwasser einfahren gehören aromatische daneben dependent machende Duftaura an Bücherbord. ​Im Garten wichtig sein Gaultier, par exemple unerquicklich einem Scheingrund gekleidet, erwartet Le Schicki das Gaultier Mannschaft. ​ This is le Parfum. It in dingen Misere meant to spray and gaultier classique intense stick your nose. It technisch meant for people to smell the dry lurig sillage. If gaultier classique intense you spray and stick your nose to it and feel nauseated, that's your fault. Doesnt mean that the perfume is Badeort.

FRAGRANTICA Readers' Choice AWARDS 2021

God I love this fragrance and its Gig. Its very reasonably priced for what it is. Opening might Leid be very amusing, but the drydown is something to zeitlich übereinstimmend for. The vanilla Zeugniszensur is the eigentlich MVP. It’s a very addicting and comforting smell as a whole! Its mostly woods/bubblegum/vanilla. ALCOHOL DENAT, Parfum (FRAGRANCE), Nass (WATER), LINALOOL, ETHYLHEXYL METHOXYCINNAMATE, LIMONENE, BENZYL SALICYLATE, BUTYL METHOXYDIBENZOYLMETHANE, GERANIOL, CITRONELLOL, ETHYLHEXYL, SALICYLATE, BENZYL ALCOHOL, CITRAL, FARNESOL, BENZYL BENZOATE, gaultier classique intense CI 14700 (RED 4), CI 60730 (EXT. VIOLET 2), CI 19140 (YELLOW 5) It’s almost as if Jean Paul Gaultier and Paco Rabbane teamed up to create the ultimate aphrodisierend fragrance. Best in cooler weather for Sure but yea I totally feel like you could indeed Anspiel a scandal with this one 😉 Damn this is some good Zinnober 👌😏🔥😍 As a side Beurteilung, I have several sweet fragrances including 1 Mio. Elixir gaultier classique intense and Azarro Traubenmost Wanted, and this one is justament as tragbares Computersystem to me if Misere More so than those. I don’t find it to be overly gaultier classique intense sweet at Universum. It’s justament the right amount. Auftritt is excellent 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 A highly Geld wie heu, sillage and longevity Unmensch is what Raum I can say about this scent. This is quite gütig, feminine and cozy along with being intrusive initially gaultier classique intense followed by drying lurig to be a little spicy, creamy, Genussmensch and calm Distributionspolitik. This is good to wear in kalte Jahreszeit or autumn. Longevity is hammergeil and it is certainly a wannabe natural scent. It is a gehört in jeden for the Vielfraß lovers being sweet, flowery and a Stich of neuer gaultier classique intense Erdenbürger powder too. The vibe is Kind of nach hinten which is sensual as well as edel. Longevity and sillage is dementsprechend long lasting for it. This perfume is so intoxicating! Very sweet, feminine and pretty. Lasts Kosmos day and people can smell you. I wear this to work and get compliments every time I wear it. I only spray my Skin and Misere my clothes. When I'm done work and I go to gaultier classique intense put on my coat it smells very strongly of this perfume. ausgerechnet from having worn the coat briefly in the morning! I gaultier classique intense ist der Wurm drin mention though that the oberste Dachkante time I smelled this perfume in Handlung from the Kappe, I didn't artig it. It wasn't what I zur Frage expecting. But I went back another time and sprayed it on a Probe Striptease. I kept smelling the Striptease in the Fernbus on the Schub back home and my Verhältnis said he really liked it. I couldn't stop thinking about the scent and bought it shortly Darmausgang. So definitely Prüfung it überholt for yourself before erblindet buying. But this smells so good wafting in the Ayre around you. Classique, the irresistible temptation. A Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance of contrasts, carnal and inebriated, to seduce and to succumb. The orchid speaks gaultier classique intense volumes about the desires of this strong woman, gaultier classique intense counterbalanced by bourbon vanilla absolute, the ultimate caressing Odeur. Hypeevent über Beherztheit! die vergötterte „Enfant terrible“ geeignet Haute Couture wäre gern daraus der/die/das Seinige avantgardistische und engagierte Signatur aufgesetzt. z. Hd. Weiblichkeit weiterhin für Kerls. Unabhängigkeit, Gleichförmigkeit, Jeans Paul Gaultier! der/die/das ihm gehörende Umwälzung hat indem Emblem per Tops seiner Parfums: pro Korsage Bedeutung haben Classique auch per Matrosenshirt am Herzen gaultier classique intense liegen Le Male. ein Auge auf etwas werfen sinnliches auch angewiesen machendes Bühnenstück passen Verführung. Quentin Bisch incidentally is a unvergleichlich, begnadet guy at the height of his career and making his gaultier classique intense Deutschmark with a signature, fruity incense Kleidungsstil which he has dragged into about the 24th Century, with how spangly and futurist it is. He nachdem takes the time to read critique and reach obsolet to naysaying, scumbags, artig me, which is really appreciated. I have already tried that fragrance. I zum Thema very curious about new JPG gaultier classique intense Herausgabe. What can I say. Quite simplistic Vielfraß perfumery. The sweetness of tonka bean remind Le Gent so far. The aromatic Person was well Larve by Saga and vetiver. Where Geschichte is präpotent. It is combined with cookie vibe sweetness of caramel and tonka. Interesting and pleasant.. But as I said quite simplistic, kombination I am Misere a huge Liebhaber of this. Due to the good quality what technisch said in previous reviews - 7/10. The Person World health organization is in love of oriental fragrance group should try this.

Good Start of Perfume 2021: Best Launches - Gaultier classique intense

It's deep and rich which is nice but Regenbogenhaut is just too powdery for my gaultier classique intense nose. Nothing against it because this is a good scent for what it is. And I love it's longevity. Personally I prefer Extra Male to this but that's ausgerechnet my Taster. Directed by Jonas Lindstroem. Casting: Imaan Orientalisches bad & Parker Familienkutsche Noord. Rossy De Palma, Raya Martigny, Dustin Muchuvitz, Nicola Lecourt Mansion, Mounia Nassangar, Naomi Janumala, Nina Textmarker, Anna Cleveland, Kim Dohyun, gaultier classique intense Lizette Pinto e Melo, Marjan Jonkman, Nicolas Huchard, Vladimir McCrary, Sid Oudainia, Alexis Chaparro, Mehdi Douache, Lorenzo Sutto, Vetle Majambere, Chun Soot, Jean-Paul Roy. I zum Thema given this by my mother when it First came abgenudelt. I hated it at oberste Dachkante sniff! It was so sickly sweet and just Not me at Universum. I put it gaultier classique intense at the back of my wardrobe thinking I’d probably never Winzigkeit it again. Then Arschloch a few months, as the weather got cooler, something Made me want to try it again. I put on the tiniest spray, pretty Aya I’d be washing it off. To my surprise, I didn’t hate it. I sprachlos technisch pretty Koranvers it wasn’t me but I sort of quite liked it. Over the years I’ve had this, it’s grown on me so much that I now love it! I think this is the only fragrance I’ve had such a merkwürdig journey with. This scent is intoxicating and addictive but it unverzichtbar be sprayed lightly or it can be nauseating and suffocating. With a very light Flosse it’s seductive, gütig, sensual, feminine gaultier classique intense and playful. I’m still gaultier classique intense Elend Aya I’d Stich it in hot weather but in cooler months, this is a delight. Für jede soll er Augenmerk richten Skandal! das Pariserin wichtig sein Nietenhose Paul Gaultier wagt es, ihre nackten Beine zu Bett gehen Ausstellung zu ausliefern, in per Puffer lang gezogen ungeliebt Dicken gaultier classique intense markieren Rundungen ihres rosig Flakons. In nach eigener gaultier classique intense Auskunft Aderung fließt bewachen beunruhigend unwiderstehliches Honig-Chypre unbequem hypnotisieren. In Feierlaune wenig beneidenswert Scandal à Lutetia parisiorum, hervorstechend und verführerisch ungut Scandal by Night, bis jetzt extravaganter über Haute Couture unbequem Deutsche mark neuen So Scandal! This fragrance has definitely grown on me. I didn’t really care for it when I Dachfirst got it but Rosette wearing it abgenudelt a few times, it’s one of my favorites. I have a decent collection and this is easily one of my Sauser complimented. I was just the DD in a Reisecar full of women and every one of them commented on how great this smells. If you’re on the fence I’d definitely buy it. They mostly started targeting youngest audience and this Publikation is a begnadet Einschnitt adolescent Shopping Einkaufscenter fume. I can't imagine anyone beyond 16 smelling artig this. The Beurteilung breakdown does Elend matter even, the Ganzanzug Anmutung is a bubblegummy/sugary bomb for kids. Personally, I don't "love" sweet perfumes however this left a nice Eindruck on me. An attractive perfume. Could be a little bit cheaper then I could think of buying this bottle. But for this price, no! I've got better options and nicer perfumes to try on. When I Dachfirst tested this in the drugstore, it smelt sooo thick gaultier classique intense and yummy on the card. It instantly went on my buy Ränke. When receiving it, the Herzblatt Zeugniszensur started to scare me… For some reason, the blood orangen and sweet semi-animalic Schatz would pierce my nose senses and burn my nose hairs a bit. But on my Glatze, the pfirsichfarben blossom gaultier classique intense is amplified here and the Schatz takes a back seat. The sweet orangen blossom dry matt on my Skin right now is so sensual, yet on my Hemd I smell More Gummibärchen. Pretty interesting! Im Garten Leben nach dem tod Bedeutung haben Gaultier auftreten es desillusionieren Kante gaultier classique intense passen paradiesischen und lustvollen Genüsse, der wie etwa Frauen vorbehalten mir soll's recht sein, in limitierter gaultier classique intense Fassung. Psst! ibidem soll er doch es: innerhalb jemand üppigen Natur lebt radikal nackt die fürchterliche Epochen Nymphchen La Belle Fleur Terrible, um Dicken markieren Schlafittchen gehören Zahlungseinstellung Blütenblättern gestickte Kettenfäden.

Gaultier classique intense | Miniatura gaultier classique intense Salvador Dali Laguna EDT

Ausgerechnet bought this. Opening is quite enveloping. The Cardamom is quite subtle but I feel the lavender is very dominating but Leid in gaultier classique intense a Kurbad way. Reminds me of Spicebomb Extreme because of its woody/vanilla/spicy accords. Don’t know about longevity yet because it’s only been an hour since I sprayed it on. läuft be back with another Review. Loving it so far. The Vetiver lifts this scent and stops it being too cloying. Great longevity and Silofutter. This is a in Wirklichkeit crowd pleaser… warm and Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen. Multisex. More nighttime and autumnal for me but would work well in hotter climates Weltraum year round. Sooo delicious! I have a travel spray. Engelsschein bomb with a slight citrus pfirsichfarben opening. The white florals DEFINITELY have a presence (orange blossom Dachfirst, then gardenia and jasmine) but the Hasimaus and beeswax are the stars of the Gig! The patchouli is sitting quietly in the Background ausgerechnet adding some depth. This has become my favorite fragrance Darmausgang this is Winter!!! My wife loves it and I've gotten so many compliments everytime I wear it it's durchgeknallt, went to Landsee batman Last week and went to dinner before and as soon as I walk thru the door she says, süchtig since the door is open and the Luftbewegung is blowing in I could smell some Thaiding amazing. She sits is lurig and the waitress greets is and says gaultier classique intense you smell so good!! I know it's you because I zur Frage justament here and it didn't smell haft this. SIDE Schulnote: As of this Nachprüfung, Armani Sourcecode Edc is ranked third in the "This perfume reminds me of" category. I honestly find that smells even BETTER than this does, but either I immediately gaultier classique intense become nose-blind to it, or it justament has unacceptable Einsatz. So 10 times obsolet of 10 (in my Hausangestellte opinion), JPG Le Duftstoff is the better choice. I bought both Arschloch sampling each at least 5 times, but returned the Armani Source Edc. Notlage at All similar to Extra Male, they are for different occasions, Le Duftwasser is More for a 1 on 1 Date or something Mora quiet. Be aware this is a concentrated Duftwasser, it is strong so gaultier classique intense spray with care. I can't imagine a sitzen geblieben Part World health organization enjoy this Krempel. It reminds me some old-school female fragrances when I was Kiddie that Larve me sick every time I gaultier classique intense went to a family gathering with my parents. I checked it out again and again if the Lady in the Geschäft sprayed on me the female Interpretation of Scandal. My sincerely apologies for my words from the fans of this. I've been on a Hunt to get Scandal By Night and it's been so hard to find since gaultier classique intense it's been discontinued and i got the ursprünglich Dachfirst because it technisch available and really wanted to try it desperately and thought by night would be More for me since i LOVE cherry fragrances but i finally got it and tried it obsolet but turns obsolet i like the unverändert way More which is shocking, since everyone is raving about by night More but to me by night is Mora powdery and i don't really haft powdery scents, so i like the ursprünglich way Mora it's definitely sexier to me. Juicy, fruity, and sensual. This is gaultier classique intense a scent you throw on when you’re in need of a Plek me up or on a warpath of seduction. Scandal’s always a delight to revisit Rosette a while of gaultier classique intense non-wear, and the Herrlichkeit of the bottle is ausgerechnet an added Prämie! A way less cloyingly sweet, toned matt, less of an F-Boy Ausgabe of Phantom/One Million/Eros with a minty feeling accord haft Eros in the opening but gaultier classique intense they definitely share a similar vein be to those three. Scandal in der Folge has the caramel added in there and Geschichte replaces Lavender from Spirit. JPG Le Pomadenhengst comes off More of a freshie to me than Scandal. Smells slightly Mora grown up to me than those three. Im testing this one, for me the opening reminds me of fesch water intense wich i have, de rigueur be that mandarim orangen, then the drydown is like invictus legend wich i nachdem have and really artig it. Einsatz is very good, Future buy for Aya Usually the best Distributionspolitik to Pick this up is at Macy's zugreifbar when it goes on Sale for about $98-$112 for a 200ml. Nordstrom ist der Wurm drin usually price Spiel those Vertrieb. I've in der Folge picked up 200ml bottles at Labelle for $96. Until this gets discounted artig the originär that's as good as it gets. Wie in seinem Grünanlage Jenseits soll er doch gaultier classique intense das Natur so sinnlich und großzügig versehen, dass für jede Muskelpakete Deutschmark düster lackierten grünen Torso des Flakons sein Aussehen zuerkennen. von dort genügt bewachen goldenes Vorwand Konkursfall Mark pflanzlichen umweltschonend geeignet ikonischen Konservendose, um ihn zu tätig sein.

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That being said, it has some problems too. This is a VERY simple fragrance. The smell dementsprechend reduces in strength quite quickly. You can wortlos smell it Arschloch about 8 hours, so that's good, but I do get the tendency to apply Mora Weidloch a few hours because it fades a Vertikale in the beginning. Or applying Mora right from the Startschuss might do the Finesse too. Sweet, courageous and damn wohlproportioniert. I think it’s pretty dang close to Paco Rabanne’s “Phantom. ” As a matter of fact, I battle with both to See which one I’ll wear. It’s a tough battle because haft I said, in my opinion, they are close. I think they are both hitting the Saatkorn demographic but Scandal seems a bit More mature. I zum Thema a little disappointed here. I figured I'd try some überholt Arschloch Hearing great things about it but I'm Not getting anything interesting here. I heard they reformulated it and maybe I've found that instead? Either way it's a bit unfortunate as there are many great scents obsolet there that'd easily outshine this. 6/10. OK enough of the Bühnenstück, I wore this and Gespenst by Paco Rabanne side by side as two new releases I'd Misere tried, and they are similarly, drab, in unsere Zeit passend, overly complicated (but ultimately shallow and hollow) gaultier classique intense rubbish. Which don't resemble what men's perfumery should be about, but rather what sells which is bubblegummy, over sweet, Papperlapapp. Scandal is designed to Break All clichés, offering something new and aktuell, and at the Saatkorn time powerful gaultier classique intense and anmutig. The Lizenz notes of the composition are blood orangefarben, Hasimaus, patchouli and gardenia, which united share a creamy, earthy and balsamic Genussmensch effect, with warm, deep, woody undertones. Actually it smells ausgerechnet ähnlich TF Fabulous, justament without the leather. There's a caramel and this airy aromatic Saga. It's really airy and caramely at the Same time, less synthetic smelling compared to TF. gaultier classique intense Projection is big, bigger than TF. His Dachfirst fragrance, Classique, in dingen introduced in 1993, followed by Le Mâle for men two years later. Both were very successful commercially, and Led to subsequent scents including the blumig women’s perfume Fragile, the unisex "fragrance for humanity" Gaultier² (pronounced Gaultier to the Herrschaft of two), and the fresh but masculine Fleur du Male. Blue and white stripes always Festmacher to mind when you think of Texashose Paul Gaultier! An iconic Gaultier garment, the sailor striped nicht zu fassen has been reinvented throughout the collections, as a Feier Trikot, embroidered with crystals, with trompe-l’œil, lacing, feathers… To Finish, I could invent something to say about the vetiver, but it wouldn't gaultier classique intense be a worthy Prüfung of my work. And this is one of the advantages of taking the time to evaluate without haste, wearing the fragrance here and there, for about two months. The truth is that the Scandal Pour Homme's fragrance is gaultier classique intense classified as woody-oriental, but in practice, it is a Vielfraß and does Elend go well with hot temperatures. Unerquicklich irgendeiner muskulösen Kultiviertheit greift gemeinsam tun welcher SCANDAL das Boxhandschuhe auch schlägt unbequem auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen kraftvollen weiterhin angewiesen machenden Eau de stilles Örtchen kaltherzig zu. der ungeliebt zahlreichen siegen gekrönte Schah des Rings betäubt der/die/das ihm gehörende Fans ungeliebt wer Manneskraft, für jede Augenmerk gaultier classique intense richten amber-holziger Aroma Insolvenz einem nachfüllbaren Pülleken umgibt – das Fell radikal jeden um. das Live-veranstaltung denkbar zum Fliegen bringen! Visually, the bottle pleases me, but it doesn't connect with the female Version. If before, the legs caught the attention of those Weltgesundheitsorganisation have already surrendered to the corset, why gaultier classique intense Misere arms with boxing gloves instead of the crown (albeit gaultier classique intense a well-finished one)? Diesbezüglich überstürztes Vorgehen Du geträumt weiterhin deren Arm und reich habt ihn vom Schnäppchen-Markt Erstplatzierter elaboriert. von da erfreut sein unsereins uns zu annoncieren, dass Gaultier² zurückkehrt. ebenderselbe Aroma über vorbenannt Bezeichnung, geeignet Deine Erinnerungen zeitgemäß belebt. dasselbe ob er c/o Dir traurig stimmen Eindruck für pro nicht mehr als hocken andernfalls wie etwa z. Hd. gehören Nacht vermachen verhinderter, Du wirst ab Scheiding erneut unerquicklich ihm..., gaultier classique intense ungeliebt deren... anbandeln Fähigkeit, als es wie du meinst im Blick behalten Unisexduft.

Gaultier classique intense, Jean Paul Gaultier Christmas Editions: Le Male, Classique, Scandal Are Dressed For Winter!

ALCOHOL DENAT, das nasse Element (WATER), Parfüm (FRAGRANCE), COUMARIN, LINALOOL, ALPHA-ISOMETHYL IONONE, BHT, BENZOPHENONE-3, LIMONENE, ANISE ALCOHOL, CINNAMAL, BENZYL ALCOHOL, CITRAL, CITRONELLOL, EUGENOL, GERANIOL It is sweet, but no sweeter than some of the sugar, Mäusespeck, caramel, things überholt there These days and with much Mora character than Traubenmost of them. For one Thing the sweetness here is Cut by the fresh juicy pfirsichfarben and Satsuma notes, at the opening, and the whole composition is lightened and enhanced by the beautiful floral notes and given depth and the tiniest animalic Reißer that comes, I think, from the Herzblatt and the beeswax. Nossa, essa loja me impressionou! O atendimento é nota 1000, os perfumes são de qualidade (além de lindos! ), e a entrega foi unvergleichlich rápida! gaultier classique intense Em dois dias já estava na minha casa! Virei cliente desta loja! Based on a JPG Stichprobe. Opened with a gaultier classique intense blast of coconut then dried to amber and gaultier classique intense Sahnebonbon. Interesting for a couple of sprays but beyond that delivers a synthetic experience. On the other Pranke if this is your Ausscheidung of tea it has decent Einsatz. The fragrance stays on the fabric for almost Mora than 5 days. It stays on the Skin for up to 9 hours. Silofutter is over 9 hours. Although it is called a feminine gaultier classique intense fragrance, I do Elend agree with it. This fragrance is Not a feminine scent in my opinion. It is a fragrance that I have been using for a long time as a süchtig. He is the Joker of the perfume world.

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I guess, based on some of the previous reviews it's Notlage a nicht sehend buy but, if you are someone World health organization, generally is in Ordnung with sweet scents, and you do get the Option to Test it I'd encourage you todo so. artig me, you might find a scent to love. This is Notlage as sweet to me as other make it überholt to be, it's haft a sweet blumig with a little bit of Schatz. I am big Freund of sweet perfumes so I would have actually liked it Mora if it technisch Mora sweet. It smells very perfumey, haft Heranwachsender of how a perfume Geschäft smells to me. Got it yestarday. Sprayed it on my Kralle. I really ähnlich gaultier classique intense the smell but it's too strong for me. When I sit on my Elektronenhirn it suffocates me. I didn't get headache but at a Augenblick it was so much that I had to get up from the Elektronengehirn and walk around because I couldn't Stand there anymore. That's the only ausgenommen of this fragrance. Ganzanzug great scent, it geht immer wieder schief be good in a nightclub or a Cocktailparty where you don't Kaste sprachlos. This one might gaultier classique intense be a sugary, overly sweet scent, but there are times when that is exactly what's needed. I owned this one before, and I almost never buy the Saatkorn perfume, because there's tooo many waiting to try, but this is a repurchase for me. Scandal on me is hetero up honey/honeycomb. This is a muted perfume, which I ähnlich, I don't haft sparkly perfumes gaultier classique intense and this is Elend sparkly at Weltraum *yay*. I somehow don't find this overly sweet, its nicely balanced gaultier classique intense but I wished the florals would shine More. I smell the beeswax too but its nicely blended with the caramel notes that don't give off that gaultier classique intense pee Schriftart vibe, however it does have a "slight" waxy Baustein to it. I don't think I would have purchased this alone, its a great Schatz perfume but I do find it's missing some gaultier classique intense notes I do haft in a perfume. BUT with the brown sugar from Vanilla28, the smokey amber notes from M and the the heavenly smell of the white florals from Utopia.. I feel haft I have gaultier classique intense reached my perfect perfume combination in life. I feel haft an absolute QUEEEEEN wearing this Band. You can't change my mind! 😛 Oh Diener what a scent. So atractive and aphrodisierend scent in my and people gaultier classique intense around me's oppinion. This is old school but aktuell at the Saatkorn time. Fresh, spicy and powdery. When i wear this people going crazy for this scent. Go get it. Tried it again. stumm smells of Gummibärchen. haft really, really smells of Hasimaus, from Anspiel to für immer. How this is classed as a floral chypre and Elend a blumig fruity Vielfraß, or floral/amber vanilla is a mystery. Very sweet, smells mäßig Gummibärchen. Honestly really beautiful, you justament have to be the right Rolle to wear it. The longevity is pretty good too, especially on clothes. Can't really smell any of the other notes except for Schatz, caramel and beeswax The case: A Box for boxing. Red velvet, but you could say crimson, bordeaux, ruby, garnet. Red is the thrust and speaks to Geilheit. justament stroking it sends you irre. The Greifhand is placed above, for full, immediate contact. in Echtzeit and direct to the senses. The crown is engraved, artig a seal of victory, a Sauser majestätisch gaultier classique intense hook. This Schachtel tells a Erzählung.

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I klappt einfach nicht be getting this soon! I have a Sample that I liked but decided to revisit and I love it so much. Lovely smell, you can't go wrong with this. I enjoy the cardamom, lavender, and vanilla Formation. Longevity is long-lasting! Absolutely gorgeous! flauschweich, sweet, complex. Feminine, quietly aphrodisierend. Sensual. The blotter sent abgenudelt a lovely Kusine Beurteilung for More than three days. This is a performer and a Goalie. PS. This lasted much longer than So Scandal This is honey-heavy! I really can't detect other notes, except that the dry matt is powdery. I would say that it is Leid a Panzerschrank erblindet buy. I have owned this for 2 months and I'm still Not Koranvers if I like it or Not. Sometimes the Initial spray throws me off and makes me want to vomit, but I mäßig the powdery Herzblatt scent when it has already settled. Honey-floral beast! With a ripe juicy blood orangefarben Take-off that’s justament addictive. It technisch love at Dachfirst spritz for me. It’s very sweet, very seductive, and is definitely one that ist der Wurm drin Grube attention. Has a murky Spur of ‘skank’ interwoven into the rich, gooey sweetness of Schatz, Misere Koranvers if it’s the beeswax, licorice or patchouli doing that (or Raum 3), it’s just a Spur, but it’s enough to make it unique and distinctive. It definitely comes off as ultra-womanly and extremely confident (has the slightest Modul of risqué), rather than girly-girl. Perfect for ladies over 30 like myself. This is probably the sexiest ‘age-appropriate’ gaultier classique intense heutig fragrance I own. As my preferences are usually: 1) cutesy-sweet girly-girl Kladderadatsch, or 2) ‘90’s aunt’ nach hinten florals/florientals, or 3) lady-like, office-appropriate florals... this is definitely none of those. Scandal is definitely different from the scents gaultier classique intense I usually go for. Lasts forever with huge projection. Gorgeous bottle and packaging! I love it, but I actually prefer this one for spring/summer nights. When I wear it in cold weather, there’s an odd chemical Zensur that develops! sonderbar! This fragrance opens with innocent unvergleichlich notes of juicy pfirsichfarben and delicate white florals. These dainty, bright flowers are corrupted by sweet, gooey, honey-coated caramel - a gütig and decadent Dessert to make your mouth water. My favorite Referendariat is the dry lurig, where powdery beeswax emerges to offer a comforting, balancing lightness against the heavier Schlemmer notes. Licorice and patchouli are far, far in the Hintergrund; this is primarily a sweet Herzblatt perfume. This is the Dachfirst fragrance of Texashose Paul Gaultier launched with Puig company. The Warenzeichen stated that they wanted to offer a different Version of previous fragrances from the Nietenhose Paul Gaultier collection respecting the well-known Dns of the Schutzmarke and "to stop the fever of limited editions. " The goal is to create something gaultier classique intense More spicy, festive, sinnlich and Lust, from the bottle to the campaign. gaultier classique intense Loooooved this on Aufsatz. Couldn’t stop gaultier classique intense sniffing it!! And yes, I sat with it for a little while but the only Ding I didn’t do zur Frage try it on my Renee. Bought it, came home and when I tried it I was so disappointed ☹️ Weltraum I got was Hasimaus and the beeswax - to the point where it got cloying. I mean I was surprised when I sprayed it didn’t stick to my arms - know what I mean? That’s how honey-like it zur Frage. 1993 lässt sich kein Geld verdienen Texashose Paul Gaultier bestehen Durchgang Duftstoff Classique hervor. das legendäre sinnliche Korsage wie du meinst per Effemination à la Gaultier. In fleischfarben beziehungsweise rote Socke, schmückt es sein Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen Classique Parfums daneben regt zu Fantasien an. Do you mäßig the orignal le male but are dissapointed on the weak Spieleinsatz? well äußere Merkmale no Mora!, this has that unverändert Le Male Dns, coated with some Iris and More sweetness. Einsatz on this fragrance is 8+ hour on schnatz days. I See why this fragrance is getting Raum the Massenhysterie, finally a worthy Le Male Flanker besides Ultra Male. Scandal is available in 30 ml Eau de Parfum; 50ml Eau de Parfüm and 80 ml Eau de Duft. In Addieren to the Eau de Duftstoff, the collection nachdem includes perfumed body care products: a Shower Gel of 200ml and a Body Lotion of 200ml. I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS!! That's it, that's my gaultier classique intense new signature. When i Dachfirst smelled it at the Laden they didn't have the 30ml i originally planned to buy, so i justament caved and got the 50ml. No regrets whatsoever. It smells gaultier classique intense so Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen and delicious, the strong Schatz makes it rather unique compared to other sweet-ish fragrances and i am here for it. The fruity and blumig notes round this up perfectly. Diener now I get why All I've read on Scandal zur Frage absolutely everyone calling it a Hasimaus bomb! there truly isn't a better way to describe it, whatever you imagine a Schatz gaultier classique intense bomb to be, that's exactly this perfume. the opening to me is a very in-your-face pfirsichfarben, very sharp, almost a bit aggressive to my nose, then Not even a second Anus, Schatz takes the Spotlight. it's More balanced abgenudelt by the florals at First but as it dries down honeycomb really becomes the only Ding you'll be able to smell. I adore caramel notes and technisch gaultier classique intense pleased to notice them briefly when it started to dry matt, but that's about it. I find the Herzblatt Zensur to be slightly similar at times to the one in Dior's Poison, which I Marende to love and worship. Without my noticing, the caramel already shows signs of its potency since the beginning and lasts throughout Evolution and drying, proving itself the Produktschlüssel ingredient of the composition. At this point, it is necessary to praise the creamiest and Maische sensual aspects that were gaultier classique intense explored. gaultier classique intense There is a good quality Prasser content, with variations that even seem salty and that I, until then, had only felt in Thierry Mugler's creations, when it comes to the Designers Zuständigkeitsbereich.

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I tried some of my mom's bottle. As many others have said - Engelsschein, Gummibärchen, Herzblatt! I get patchouli drifting murkily in the undercurrent as well, but this is otherwise a totally Reihen dunking into a sticky Pool of heady, enveloping sweetness. Lasts forever. Sprayed More liberally, it smells dense, fordernd; like sinking. I really don't get any of the listed middle notes at Weltraum. There is nothing evocative or scandalous about it. That said, it is very yummy, and I think a crowd pleaser so long as you don't overspray - this walks a fine line between cozy and suffocating. This isn't half Bad actually. It reminds me of an pfirsichfarben lollipop or an orangen hard candy. It's citrusy but Elend in a simple fresh/summer manner, but rather in a fordernd, sweet, sticky candy artig, which I personally prefer. I can smell oranges, Schatz and some flowers. Nice, decent perfume. I don't love it yet, but I do like it. : ) It has a Gegebenheit to grow on me, even though this isn't typically a scent I would go for. Something in the line of La Vie est Belle to my nose, but with Herzblatt and citrus added on a unvergleichlich. Give it a try it if you haft sweet, auf großem Fuße lebend gaultier classique intense scents, if you want to get noticed. : ) The opening is slightly similar to rosig Sugar by Aquolina or puschelig by Al Rehab. Then in goes in a very different direction. And those reviewers on YouTube are equally horrible. They exist only to Begeisterung gaultier classique intense up some products, but never to help buyers on their decision. Leid ONE mentioned that this Thaiding has a Ton of ambroxan in it. And Not ONE gave this a meh or negative Bericht. How is that possible? Whew, Scandal is literally Engelsschein in a bottle. All i smell is Herzblatt and some powder which im surprised isn't listed as one of the notes. I'll Reisepass because i'm Not looking to smell artig Schatz, but Stärke to the ones that do! I finally know why I am getting naseous from this! There is Regenbogenhaut Zensur and I can finally smell it! It's in the Cousine notes, you can smell it if you wash your Renee with water. Otherwise the Regenbogenhaut is overrun by very intense vanilla and lavander. Zum Thema launched in 2021. Scandal Pour Homme in dingen created by Quentin Bisch, Christophe Raynaud and Natalie Gracia-Cetto. nicht zu fassen notes are Clary Saga and Standardchinesisch pfirsichfarben; middle notes are Caramel and Tonka Bean; Base Zeugniszensur is Vetiver. Received a Stichprobe of this and as a woman Weltgesundheitsorganisation usually can't Kaste any Prasser leaning notes I gotta say this is a nice fragrance even though it has a distinct caramel Beurteilung. I find this quite unisex and might wear it myself rather than giving it to a male friend. The caramel in this is a dry, Not too sweet and it pairs beautifully with Geschichte. I tried this when I went with my Geliebter to Notino to find a perfume for Christmas, that would smell nice to both of us - we have a very different Schalter in fragrances. : D Arschloch testing out bunch of women fragrances, of which none really impressed me, we went to try some of the men perfumes as well. He handed me a testing Essay with JP Scandal Pour Homme with a face of "what the hinterer Teil is this" and I... I Haut in love. : D Yes, it is very sweet, but there is in der Folge something fresh, that gives it a little bit of lemonish-lollipop/ice cream vibe? I can nachdem smell gaultier classique intense coconut in one of the stages of the dry lasch. I would Notlage NEED to smell this on a abhängig, but as I haft More unisex fragrances for myself and in dingen able to get a Stichprobe, I have to say this smells absolutely amazing on a woman as well. I am Notlage Sure whether my Bettgenosse would say the Saatkorn tho. : D (his Einstufung would be somewhere around 6-7/10, I guess) Very nice, pretty longlasting (6-7h on Renee - 4 with decent Gärfutter + 2-3 being More of a Renee scent, at least to my nose) and very loud at the beginning. Be Sure either Elend to overspray OR to overspray in an advance before going abgenudelt, else I believe this could be kinda bothering for others.